Endowment Fund

Established in 2008, the Licking County Courthouse Lighting Committee has created an endowment fund to provide for the financial support of the annual holiday lighting of the Licking County Courthouse. The goal of this fund is provide for the continued success of the annual holiday lighting program.

With the establishment of this endowment fund, the income generated will support the Courthouse Lighting tradition and continue it for future generations. Holiday lights on the Licking County Courthouse are a local Christmas tradition dating back to 1949. Santa’s arrival and the holiday lighting ceremony of the Licking County Courthouse and surrounding square have become the official start of the holiday season and a place of special memories for many generations of local families. 

On occasion, the Courthouse Lighting committee has received inquiries into developing long term financial support for the project outside of the annual community fundraising drive. Starting with an initial generous donation we have been able to create this endowment fund to accept bequests, memorial donations and invest these monies for the long-term benefit of the project.

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Photography By: Nathan Arnold, Juliet Connolly, and John Rossignol