The 71st annual Courthouse Christmas Lighting Campaign has kicked-off its annual community fundraising.  The annual Christmas Holiday celebration on Friday, November 29th brings thousands of residents downtown for the festivities! This event was awarded the 2018 Impact Award for Event of the Year from Explore Licking County.

The 2019 fund raising campaign has a community goal of $25,000.  The money raised will be used for the decorating of the Square and the Christmas program. In addition, the Courthouse Lighting Committee is working on bringing new designs and lawn decorations for years to come and planning for those take place many years ahead of any new releases!

The Community Lighting Fundraising Campaign will run through Friday, October 11th.  At the conclusion of the fund-raising effort, members of the Lighting Committee will determine to what extent the lower portion of the Courthouse and the lawn can be decorated for the 71st Lighting. The support of the community will mean ‘brighter and more colorful’ days ahead for the Courthouse Lighting Project and continuing our local tradition.  Additional information on the project is available at the website:  www.courthouselighting.com

    Letters are being mailed to area businesses, individuals and previous contributors asking for financial support for this important local tradition. Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities are also available this year, contact Spencer Barker, President for more information. 

Contributions are tax-deductible and may be sent to:  

Licking County Courthouse Lighting Committee 
Post Office Box 292 
Newark, Ohio 43058-0292

Photography By: Nathan Arnold, Juliet Connolly, and John Rossignol